Legal management consulting services


Let’s review your contract drafting approach while carefully considering the necessary legislation and accounting standards. A controlled and systemised approach means that you can dynamically generate supporting documentation, checklists and reports and create your own ‘agreement pack’. What’s more, you’ll get:

  • Tax compliance: For all service providers, a Personal Service Company checklist and affidavit can determine whether PAYE needs to be deducted under Schedule 4 of the Income Tax Act.
  • Occupational Health and Safety: If a contract involves service provision on the client’s premises, a section 37(2) agreement can be included in compliance with the OHSA.
  • Central repository of all signed contracts and supporting documents.
  • Advanced search and cross-referencing functionality.
  • Reports and business intelligence statistics tailored to client specifications.
  • Inherent compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the Protection of Personal Information Act.
  • Contract signature processes and levels of authorities – tailored to contract type and terms.
  • Inbuilt compliance

Data security

Updraft has invested heavily in security to ensure data integrity and compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and the Protection of Personal Information Act. Vetted by leading security consultants, Sensepost, we undertake annual penetration tests and security audits to ensure that our data and document security, as well as every element of internet communications, databases, operating systems and data centres meet the highest security and technical standards.

Due Diligence

Reviewing and capturing key data to effectively manage contract functions in future. We will provide:

  • Manual legal review of each document provided, without the risk of missing crucial information (as can be the case using OCR technology).
  • Capturing key commercial and legal terms of each agreement.
  • Uploading contracts into the Updraft platform so documents can be managed, stored, backed-up and reported on.
  • Capture and storage of the metadata associated with each contract as part of the document upload process.
  • Configuration of reports and deadline notifications that will allow for the proper management of the contracts uploaded.
  • Powerful reporting at your fingertips: Once historic agreements have been uploaded, contract terms and payment information are easily accessible and you’ll have access to all contracts reports, renewal and expiry deadlines, contract fee escalations, any areas of concern as well as detailed reports in each contract category.

Updraft Tailored deployment

How your user-ready, tailored Updraft system is created

Updraft implementation process
Updraft implementation process step 1: Legal management consulting
Legal management consulting
Define the contracts and processes you’d like to automate.
Professional review of contract templates
Our team of lawyers peer-reviews your existing contracts and contract management practices.
Updraft implementation process step 2: Professional review of contract templates
Updraft implementation process step 3: Building drafting algorithms & questionnaires
Building drafting algorithms & questionnaires
Now the magic happens - drafting legal questionnaires, help topics and hints and data restrictions.
Testing and client feedback
Your tailormade process is tested on a core group and any feedback is ploughed back in, to ensure an easy and seamless experience.
Updraft implementation process step 4: Testing and client feedback
Updraft implementation process step 5: Training & support
Training & support
Once everything has been fine-tuned, Updraft is released to your business and everyone is trained up. Any issues? Our dedicated support team is on standby to answer any questions.
Due diligence of existing contracts
Manual review and capture of key contract data for easy access to contract terms and payment information. Plus you’ll get a number of reports.
Updraft implementation process step 6: Due diligence of existing contracts