Updraft client: Telesure Holdings

Telesure Holdings


Short and long term insurance


As one of the largest direct insurers on the African continent, Telesure’s recruitment of specialist sales and claims management staff had its HR department buckling under the pressure to find, process and employ a constant stream of new employees. As a financial services provider, Telesure also had to ensure that every step of the process complied strictly with the vetting, audit and qualification directives applicable to the highly regulated insurance sector.


  • By implementing MatterMap, Telesure has been able shift the recruitment burden from its core HR department to a broad team of dispersed ‘recruiters’. At the same time, MatterMap’s controlled recruitment workflow includes built-in blockers, escalations and alerts that ensure central HR oversight and failsafe compliance across every recruitment process – from the moment of application, to the final approval and electronic signing of the employment agreement.
  • The entire recruitment process is automated, including the streaming of applications (for interviews or an automated rejection, based on bespoke criteria); collation and filing of all vetting and qualification documents; approval workflows; the electronic signature and drafting of every employment agreement and all associated compliance documents, tailored to the specifics of each employment relationship.
  • Effortless communications with applicants is ensured via audited email and webpage links that allow for the online submission of applications, the collection of drafting instructions and approval data via intuitive questionnaires, and the easy upload of all supporting documentation.
  • A separate electronic folder is maintained for each employee, with a complete history of all interactions and documents. In addition, all data previously collected in relation to each employee is automatically stored and re-used in any new documents or correspondence with the employee, ensuring that most new documents can be created at the click of a button.


MatterMap has proved to be the ideal solution for onboarding of new employees.  It has allowed us to create employment application and approval workflows that are flexible enough to cater for the unique circumstances of every employment relationship, whilst still ensuring inbuilt compliance and risk management.  MatterMap has assisted in the streamlining the contracting process with new employees which has resulted in various efficiencies in the business. The HR MatterMap reduced administrative tasks and provides an easily accessible record keeping tool.

Amina Sayed
Head of Legal, Telesure Holdings Limited