Updraft client: Sappi

Sappi Limited


Forestry, paper and textile fibre manufacturing


Sappi, a global provider of sustainable woodfibre products and solutions, required a full system integration of the 30 core company precedents across the full spectrum of the business operations. This included forestry, distribution, manufacturing, service agreements, logistics, procurement and waste management.


  • The project included a full automation of the company’s compliance and risk management procedures, including Levels of Authority, Occupational Health and Safety Act documentation, tax assessments and documentation, rules for onsite contractors, financial consolidation checklists and remuneration policies.
  • The system user base includes a broad spectrum of functionaries from forest managers and engineers through to senior executives, all of whom are geographically disbursed throughout South Africa and offshore.


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As in-house counsel it is so helpful to have a system that can assist in getting out an accurate and up-to-date first draft of agreements. The professionals at Updraft are focused on their clients, understand the relevant laws applicable to all commercial agreements and are practical, pragmatic and approachable. Their turn-around-time is unmatched.

Amanda Tregoning
Corporate Counsel, Sappi Limited